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  • ApprenticeshipEmployer Signing Bonus

As an employer, you may be eligible for a $2,000 signing bonus

if you hire, register and train one of our job seekers as an apprentice

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for a signing bonus, the employer must:

  • Meet all requirements of employers participating in training incentive placements

  • Commit to a relevant apprenticeship training plan for the participant, as part of an ES Training Incentive Placement Agreement 

Signing Bonuses are awarded in two payments

  • An initial $1000 payment when an individual's registered apprenticeship training agreement is signed/registered with the Ministry

  • A final $1000 payment six months from the signing/registration date, if the apprentice is still working and training with the same employer

In addition to the $2000 AESB, the employer may also be eligible for a training incentive that can be negotiated, up to a maximum of $6000, depending on the duration of our participant's placement with the employer, and the complexity of the participant's training plan.

The maximum amount of the training incentive that one employer may receive is $8000 per individual, including the $2000 AESB